Shocked fans reacted in Manchester as England conceded a goal against Croatia in the second half of the semi-final clash in Russia. After getting over the initial shock of what looks like a cut-and-shut kit, fans may take to the blue Monacoesque style shirt that takes the same colour scheme as the club’s mid-90s away kit. The away kit looks a lot like a T-shirt with its round collar but despite the hoops inside the hoops style, United fans will welcome the new blue strip. For passengers used to propeller driven aircraft, the jet engine was certainly a welcome change. The American Douglas Aircraft Company built the planes between 1953 and 1958 – they were the largest piston engine aircraft before their jet engine DC-8 began flying. British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) – a British Airways precursor – acquired the planes at the end of 1949, using them for revolutionary transatlantic crossings to New York. The First Class cabin viewed from the bar located in the galley of the BOAC ‘Monarch’ service to New York on the Stratocruiser sleeper service.

whistle scanline 3d model The ‘speed bird’ logo on the tail-fin was first used by Imperial Airways in 1932 before being taken up by BOAC. Today’s BA ribbon which features on its aircraft is a distant echo of the ‘speed bird’ design. The short Tutankhamun hat is in French blue, trimmed with BEA red Petersham ribbon and was designed to be worn on the back of the head. BEA air stewardesses in their uniform designed by Hardy Amies in 1972. He created them to allow the expression of individuality achieved by interchangeable colours of the blouses and scarves based on the strong red, white and blue theme associated with BEA. The BOAC livery colour scheme featured a blue stripe from the front to the rear, with a two-tone white and chrome paint-job to the top and bottom of the fuselage respectively. In January 1975, British Airways introduced Lockheed TriStars on European routes, its Rolls-Royce engines can be seen on each wing and another mounted on the rear, with an S-duct air funnel from the upper fuselage to the tail. Oysters as well as fine wine can be seen laid out for the executive passengers, while the barman pours a cocktail. I might be thick here but I can’t work out whether this is an ironic piece mocking agents ruthlessly exploiting players and clubs for their own financial gain, or a genuine piece regarding the value of agents.

Potential takeover talks with two more clubs today who love the OWNA concept,’ it was later announced. Nineteen minutes into the second half Seamus Coleman, the Everton captain, dallied on the ball on the halfway line and let in Salah, who simply ran away from the Irishman before slipping the ball past Pickford as if it were the easiest thing in the world. There were a great many who feared she could get hurt or, worse, endanger others. Front and rear galleys provided hot food and cold drinks, and there was also a bar, as well as separate mens and womens toilets. The planes featured reclining seats as well as broad ‘picture view’ windows for its passengers. BOAC acquired ten of the planes to compete with Pan Am’s putting the planes into service in the mid-1950s. Since the end of the 1940s, the Douglas planes had made a handful of non-stop transatlantic flights, liverpool soccer jersey but it was the DC-7C which made the crossing possible despite whatever wind speeds might have been encountered on the crossing. The Uruguayan may yet face a ban after being charged by the FA for his ‘Gracias negrito’ Instagram post, but on the pitch the club may well have found their short-term No 9 at the very least.

On the face of it, at least. Let’s hope at least City and Liverpool maintain their form and take each other into May. A scheduled commercial service using the S-51s – which were originally deployed for mail transportation – was operated between Cardiff, Wrexham and Liverpool in 1950. Later the service was expanded to include Southampton Eastleigh, Heathrow and Northolt Airport. The flights, liverpool shirt operated by the British Airway’s predecessor ushered in the modern age of jet travel. The BOAC Douglas DC-7C (‘Seven Seas’) was touted for its triple-pane windows and use of modern acoustics to reduce noise levels, at the time ‘one of the world’s quietest airliners.’ The wings were based on those of the DC-4 and DC-6 aircraft which were designed for military transportation in WWII. The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was originally developed for military transportation and was based on Boeing B-29 Superfortress, a propeller driven bomber which was flown in WWII and the Korean War by the United States Air Force (USAF). Stunning images chart BA’s journey from biplanes to the first transatlantic flights in the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser and the glorious days of ‘Jumbo Jet’ flying, with decadent lounge cabins full of cigars and vintage wines.

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