He was certainly drawn to Old Trafford, though – he actually took a pay cut to move, because the wages were the same, but Leeds gave him a car, which Manchester United didn’t. Sacking manager Sam Allardyce was their first move, replacing him with Steve Kean in a move that baffled everyone until it emerged Kean’s agent Jerome Anderson had advised during Venky’s takeover. You have come out on a positive note about agents and not just any old agent but one who is apparently negotiating a transfer of his client to Manchester United. Finally, I’m not sure McQueen signed a new contract with Leeds – I believe he told Shoot magazine he wanted to stay at Leeds his whole career, then departed for Manchester United a few weeks later. It could be argued that United as the fall-back option is a whole lot better than nothing. I’ve also got two tickets for Chelsea v West Brom on February 12 for my wife and another son – and the last time I sat in a crowd, as opposed to the press box, was December 26, Bournemouth v West Ham. Tottenham travelled from north to west London on May 2 knowing that only three points against Chelsea would do to remain in the title race.

I agree. I don’t think the figures are quite as you state, PD, the agent fee, the transfer fee and Mkhitaryan are all mixed together in the package and, as Conte says, if Sanchez was properly under contract in the current market the fee would be three times higher. OK, five times this season, Everton have dropped the lead and ended up losing or drawing. And the fact Everton have also let a lead slip would have no bearing on that. “But I know our coach wants us all to lead in Brazil. Did you not know that in this country only one view is allowed. The final day of this year’s event has pushed the fashion stakes one step higher, as these beaming friends showed (right), this is while one reveller was brave enough to wear a plunging PrettyLittleThing dress (left) which was worn by six others on Ladies Day yesterday.

One such example can be seen to the right. You want to champion working-class fans, but working-class footballers can get shafted? Yet can we say he did a bad job moving him to Chelsea? He was the first to say Everton ‘have to sell John Stones to Chelsea’. Indeed, Liverpool had won it six of the previous 14 years, Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton had won it twice each, liverpool blackout jersey Leeds United and Blackburn once. So the idea that this is all his work at Everton is optimistic. I still can’t fathom anybody in the world being worth £10m for a couple of days’ work. City have also been transformed off the field with a state-of-the-art training complex and now have sister clubs all around the world. Exactly, Scott. It was what the agent’s role was worth to Manchester United, not what he is worth to the wider world. Equally, if Sanchez wants out of Arsenal now, and City are not willing to offer that, liverpool soccer jersey is Manchester United such a poor alternative? Equally, I feel it would be a terrible move for Tottenham, no matter the offer. Without full transparency there are just too many loopholes, but football doesn’t want an open book, so gets the system it deserves.

You might want to think before you pick your saviours in future – or try opening your eyes occasionally. For me, taking it, I want to do my very best to succeed the legends that have worn it in the past. Mr Burnham said: “Obviously the situation has changed for both clubs, but it is for them to decide what represents the best way forward. Then you play the numbers game because out of the 1,000 kids you’ve signed up, you just need to wait until one makes it big, then ditch the rest, they were never going to make it, transfer him every two years taking about 20 per cent of the fee from the clubs, plus a cut from him. Then that’s how long it takes. Sure, if we wait until then Manchester City will get him – but is he really that good? If Manchester United sign Sanchez, they will have a terrifying attack, and a terrible defence, just like Liverpool. He is five goals ahead of Liverpool forwards Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, who have 10 each. Well you have done it now, Martin. I reckon it’s possible to enjoy a column you don’t agree with as well.

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