Liverpool FC Home Goalkeeper Jersey 2016/17 MT630004LOC ... I always thought Howard was a decent goalkeeper although short of the highest level. He was almost on the goal-line, level with Cech at best, but behind every blue shirt. Lukaku won a duel with Van Dijk there, but his cross did not find a blue shirt. Yet I still believe Mourinho – like Louis van Gaal – improves defenders, and Stones would have benefitted from working with him. I’d have Stones over Zouma right now, but I agree with you that Terry is the defender I’d tell all young centre-halves to watch. Benzema put Madrid ahead in the 51st when he intercepted an unwise attempt by Karius to roll the ball out to a defender. The replays looked painful for the young man, but also revealed a genuine, if misguided attempt to win the ball on Torres’s part. Taken on a couple of West German players and risked losing the ball and a counter-attack, too.

They forgive you for bad passes and mistakes but what they can’t forgive is players not giving everything for the shirt. The likes of Tottenham, Everton and Leicester have been in the shadows far too long, yet when they have players of ability and are showing signs of progress, you lot pop up and encourage them to sell. They may think you are wrong, they may want a debate, even an argument – but I don’t mind that, either. To a man, football writers want to see something different and new. And I was introduced to a member of the Pozzo family, having described their previous club model as everything that was wrong with football. The Glazer family, billionaire American investors and owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL team, went largely unnoticed as they gradually snapped up shares in United from 2003 onwards. Liverpool boss Klopp now favourite with bookies to be the next Premier League boss to go after he was blindsided by Super League announcement before being left to face the cameras as American owners stay quiet. Then again, the jeopardy that comes with playing in a competitive league, in which you can be champions one year and halfway down the table the next, is one of the big reasons Liverpool and their Super League partners want to create a closed-shop league that will guarantee annual participation against their fellow super clubs for the rest of time.

If you want row Z, get down to West Brom or Sunderland, liverpool champions shirt there’ll be plenty there for you to marvel over. Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo immediately raised doubts about staying at Real Madrid amid celebrations of the team’s 3-1 win over Liverpool in Saturday’s Champions League final. Some 80,000 Real Madrid fans have been celebrating the team’s third straight Champions League title back in Madrid at their Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Those funds are being directly spent on the development of the new stadium and the project is complicated by the involvement of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority which is also investing up to £45m as part of a “transformational regeneration” of the area around it. Others recall the lengths he went to in order to ensure he was out there stamping his authority on proceedings. Terry scored with a backheel flick, for God’s sake – let’s not pretend there was a plan. It isn’t the ‘defending’ against Terry that is the issue, but the ‘defending’ in the build-up to the ‘goal’. Reds fan Terry Maher. The shape of the teams had completely fallen apart in a last minute scramble for goal and Terry ran into an offside position.

Terry scored, immediately leapt into the crowd and both the referee and the linesman were scared to disallow the goal. It was the linesman who failed. The linesman is there to differentiate onside from offside and failed in his duties. Just because a player gets caught offside it doesn’t mean the defence have pushed up. The defence did their job by forcing the player offside. He does not command his box, does not commit to a challenge and creates uncertainty in the defence. Earlier, in a sign of uncertainty from within the City camp, boss Pep Guardiola criticised the plans, while United striker Marcus Rashford also took aim at the proposals, sharing the quote ‘football is nothing without fans’. To play entertaining football is great; but sometimes you also have to boil it all down to getting the win. This was Everton’s chance to win away at Chelsea this season, and now it has gone. Remember the fallout after Mark Clattenburg’s correct red card in the game against Manchester United, sent Chelsea down to nine men? Leave Kane alone. Why undermine him with this nonsense about Manchester United. Lukaku, Stones, maybe Coleman will all leave and I would not blame them.

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