It is a theme of their early season: Nine goals in four Premier League matches is clearly more than satisfactory, but Liverpool have taken 100 shots to score them. At last the conclusion of the Arsenal vs Liverpool battle to reach the Carabao Cup final is upon us. Arsenal vs Liverpool Live Stream Latest Team News Arsenal have played the same XI from the last four games in Premier League and they might go for the same. White and black would return occasionally for two seasons, but the image of Liverpool playing their away games in yellow during the eighties has been etched quite strongly into the team history. How a jarring juxtaposition between two shows sparked the song I Me Mine. Feeling they needed to recapture their old energy, the band decided to write and record an album in two weeks, building toward their first live gig in years.

Though I’m from the Wirral, a leafy peninsula across the river from Liverpool that the Beatles played many times as they grew up, my parents didn’t have any rarities or collector’s items in their record collection. After the death of their manager, the Beatles are now managing themselves and reckoning with tedious complications like having to haggle over equipment from record label EMI. On paper then, Get Back would seem like perfect holiday season family viewing. Made from specially spun fibers that make very strong and smooth fabric, liverpool new jersey perfect for printing. Make a movie with Peter Sellers. Directed by Peter Jackson, Get Back takes us to 1969 and challenges a long-established narrative about the last days of the Beatles. You get an intriguing glimpse of how inspiration strikes as Harrison discusses what he watched on telly last night. I wonder if, while watching John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr messing around together at the very start of their career, he got goosebumps like I got from new documentary Get Back, which gives you an intimate closeup of the fractured Fab Four in their final days. This exhaustive (and, honestly, slightly exhausting) look inside the songwriting and recording process gives you a closeup of the four most famous musicians in the world as they try to work out whether they want to be Beatles anymore.

Episode 2, in which the music-making grinds to a halt when one member of the band disappears, makes Jackson’s Hobbit films look like a master class in brevity. Many people did, obviously, but I like to think my dad’s story was a bit special. The Milanisti, some of whom had flown into provincial UK airports and chatted excitedly on a train from Nottingham to Liverpool, milled around Anfield like wide-eyed tourists and made as much noise as throats would allow. The new series sifts through 56 hours of unseen footage and more than 150 hours of previously unheard audio, and the three lengthy episodes have space for much more nuance. And the footage is filled with striking moments, whether it’s a portentous zoom into an abandoned mic or a private conversation captured with a recorder hidden in a flowerpot. After a backlash from American religious types against Lennon’s glib remark about being more famous than Jesus, liverpool shirt they gave up touring to focus on increasingly complex and experimental music. It’s undoubtedly a hypnotic treat for music scholars and Beatles megafans. McCartney’s love and understanding of music is infectious as he connects what they’re doing with wider musical traditions. I’m sure I’m not the only person who connected with my parents through the Beatles as a sort of background radiation transcending musical taste.

We weren’t a musical household, or if I’m honest, even particularly big Beatles fans. But even with the absorbing undercurrent of suspense around the band’s fate, Get Back is still eight hours of watching some guys sitting around in a room. John and Yoko slow-dance to jam sessions, and the ever-present yet almost completely silent Ono is even seen joking with McCartney’s soon-to-be-wife Linda. Lennon makes everyone laugh with his silly voices, everybody takes the piss out of McCartney’s beard, and they goof around with a filthy version of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. The camera catches Lennon gazing at Harrison playing. And there’s the external pressure of being the biggest pop group on the planet. But it was the latter who made the biggest impression on his new supporters. The focus should be on being crowned Premier League champions come early March. With cameras discreetly rolling from the other side of the cavernous yet claustrophobic studio where the band meets to rehearse, the four slip into real talk about being in the doldrums.

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