While others have claimed to see it coming, the form of Eddie Howe’s men was not something I was expecting. He is a lovely player who has worked very hard at his game, against others who may have been born with their gifts, and is all the more admirable for that. I agree, Dave. I’ve long advocated that the player pays the agent – but that wouldn’t prevent the club paying the agent, via the player. I’m at a club where I know I can do that. Yet, basically, history suggests that buying big at a club of sufficient size will work, if that club is also professionally managed. Something you’d like to see happen during the rest of the campaign: For Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham to maintain the results they have managed to this stage, and if possible improve. Player of the season so far: The popular answers to this, I would imagine, are Eden Hazard and David Silva, both of whom have been sublime. But Nuno Espirito Santo’s team are a little different. I think we have become a little conditioned to the brilliant work done by Howe at Bournemouth but it deserves to be recognised for what it is.

We seem to have been talking for years about cutting dives out of the game and yes, it is written into the list of bookable offences now. If Wembley is sold and England do have to play some home matches on the road each season, liverpool fc jersey they will not all be strolls like Thursday’s game. Arsenal have also impressed. Team that has surprised you the most: Arsenal. Team that has surprised you the most: Manchester United. Manchester United continue to search for some sort of consistency while an immense battle has already formed at the bottom of the table with four points separating seven teams. Seven goals and four assists in 11 appearances speaks for itself. Four years later and Coutinho’s Barcelona dream became a nightmare and he is attempting to rebuild himself at Aston Villa. The former Reds captain and current Villa boss added: “I am immensely proud to be involved with Football For Change. Their style of football is horrible. It was as close to pure football as we have seen. They soared into the Premier League on the wave some of the most stylish football the Championship has seen, but have disintegrated into a sorry excuse for a team this season.

Indeed. I have the quote here. Why the hell do Manchester United have to buy Harry Kane? There’s no reason why Chelsea can’t challenge for the title without a new centre forward. And why should roughly 0.3 per cent be the cut of the deal for the man who negotiates it? This is not to say he has been better than either Hazard or Silva but, in terms of progress, he started the season with a lot to prove and has now become England’s first choice left back, having graduated from the Under 21s, after signing a new deal at Leicester. Clattenburg made a poor decision to say Torres dived which led to a travesty of a red card, and missed a very obvious offside for the winning goal. The arrival of global superstars such as Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres helped increase the commercial opportunities for Premier League clubs and led to a huge demand for shirt printing.

Something you’d like to see happen during the rest of the campaign: For Premier League managers to hand more opportunities to academy products. And seven goals in the Premier League. Reinvented as a centre-back, his seven and a half seasons at the Nou Camp yielded two European Cups and five La Liga titles. Wharton’s particular sports prowess before long reached a person’s vision connected with Manny Harbor a local athletics guru exactly who encouraged he / she enter in this Inexperienced Particular sports Affiliation titles currently being presented with Stamford Connect. Golden Vision 63, Formby. The fact that clubs continue to use agents tells me they want it that way. Basically the article is saying the agent has earned his money more than agents normally do because it’s an unlikely outcome: everyone assumed he would run his contract down and go to Manchester City for free. Seeing City run away with another title might be thrilling in an aesthetic sense, but utterly boring in a competitive one. Something you’d like to see happen during the rest of the campaign: A genuine title race. Something you’d like to see happen during the rest of the campaign: That referees, TV companies, pundits and The FA realise that not every physical contact between players constitutes a foul.

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